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jawaharlal nehru

Sean Connery wearing a Nehru Jacket in Dr. No (Source: Affordablebond007 (Dr. No Nehru Jacket))
An Indian prime minister and a fashion trend?
First, Second and Third Worlds (Source: peopleofcolororganize (First World Heaven, Third World Hell: Wealth and Poverty Reassessed))
The term 'Third World' sits atop many layers of history
Ravi Hutheesing: Dancin' with Hanson (Source: Amazon (Book cover))
What links the American pop band Hanson and the Nehru-Gandhi family?
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Jackie Kennedy travelled (sans JFK) to India & Pakistan in 1962
Gulzarilal Nanda (Source: Wikipedia)
India has had its own crises lasting "Thirteen Days". Not just once, but thrice.
Robert Frost, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front (Source: Wikipedia)
Why did India suddenly become fascinated with a Robert Frost poem in 1964?

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The canal bank Nehrus

The family name of the Nehru family is actually Kaul. A Kashmiri ancestor of Jawaharlal Nehru named Raj Kaul came to be called Raj Kaul Nehru as his jagir was situated along the banks of a canal (a Nahar). The Kaul was later dropped.

Temples of Modern India

Dams are sometimes referred to as the temples of modern India. This epithet stems from a speech delivered by Nehru during the opening ceremony of the Bhakra Dam where he said, "This dam has been built with the unrelenting toil of man for the benefit of mankind and therefore is worthy of worship. May you call it a Temple or a Gurdwara or a Mosque, it inspires our admiration and reverence".