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Hindu Squats and Hindu Push-ups

Hindu Squats (Source: extremebodyweightworkouts (Hindu Squats – Harder Than They Look?))

Among the many exercises that Pehlwans in India employ as part of their daily conditioning regime, Baithaks and Dands are considered the most important. These two exercises have been incorporated into modern mainstream fitness programs and are referred to as Hindu squats and Hindu push-ups respectively. They are considered variants of the standard squats and push-ups as they are performed using slightly different techniques.

Hindu squats and push-ups are said to be beneficial to the spine. They are also popular with martial artists and wrestlers. Besides famous pehlwans like The Great Gama, others such as Karl Gotch, a renowned "professional" wrestler who is considered to be the father of puroresu (from the Japanese pronunciation of "pro wrestling") and shoot wrestling, were also practitioners and proponents of these exercises.

Hindu push-ups are sometimes also referred to as Hanuman push-ups or as Dive Bombers.