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Savitri Devi

Savitri Devi (1 December, 1937, Calcutta) (Source: The Savitri Devi Archive (Gallery))

Savitri Devi Mukherji was a French writer born Maximiani Julia Portas in Lyon, France, to an Italian/Greek father and an English mother. She arrived in India searching for evidence of Aryan supremacy and believed that Hinduism and Nazism were complementary philosophies. She is infamous for claiming in her book The Lightning and the Sun that Adolf Hitler was a manifestation of Kalki - the ultimate avatar of Vishnu. She is also the author of a number of other books including A Warning to the Hindus which is an oft-referenced volume in material dealing with the Hindutva movement.

Portas arrived in India in 1932 and became enamoured with Hinduism. She changed her name to Savitri Devi and later married a Bengali Brahmin and Nazi sympathiser named Asit Krishna Mukherji.

The following is an excerpt from The Lightning and the Sun:

This astounding success of the Dark Forces was due — partly, — no doubt, to the suppleness of their agents who, like Paul of Tarsus — one of the most remarkable of them in world history, — acted "as Greeks with the Greeks and as Jews with the Jews." (One should give the devil his due and admit that he — the Lord of the sinister Powers — is a businessman of genius, and that his children take after him!) The main and deeper cause of their victory lies however in the fact that, in this last period of the Dark Age, this world belongs more and more irredeemably to the forces of deceit; in the fact that this is their time par excellence — to which the last Man "against Time (Whom the Hindus call "Kalki") can alone put an end — and their domain, slowly conquered through lies and trickery in the course of millenniums; their domain, which Kalki alone can win back to the Powers of Light and Life; and that Adolf Hitler was not "Kalki"; — not "the" one; the last one. He knew it, being, however, the one-before-the-last Embodiment of Him Who comes back. And he admitted it in his own way, as early at least as 1928, in that significant conversation of his with Hans Grimm, which I have already mentioned.

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