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Quiz Grid (for Android)

Rather than boring multiple choice questions, 4x4 Quiz Grid is a fun game that uses a grid format which requires players to connect seemingly random clues together using both their general knowledge as well as some lateral thinking. Topics covered include everything under the sun from history, geography, science, and culture, but most grids tend to have an Indian theme.

The game: You are presented with a 4 by 4 grid of jumbled-up clues which you will need to sort into four groups of four clues which are related to each other somehow. You will then be asked to identify the link for each group of clues. You have 2:30 minutes to solve the grid and upon completing the first two rows, you will only have three chances to sort the last two.

The format is not difficult and if you're interested in India, you're sure to have fun. Beware though: some grids are easy, some challenging, other hard, and a few which are quite insane!

There are currently only 16 grids available. More will be coming soon. Any feedback that you have will be appreciated. You can also tweet this feedback to @serendip_in on Twitter.