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The Calcutta Cup at Twickenham, July 2007 (Source: Wikipedia (Calcutta Cup))
What does a prestigious rugby trophy have to do Kolkata?
Cyclone Catarina from the International Space Station (Source: WIkipedia (Cyclone))
Did you know that the mysteries of tropical cyclones were unravelled in India?
Pangboche Hand (Source: Wikipedia)
Have you heard the story about the Hollywood actor who smuggled a finger through Indian Customs?
Andrew Booth in 1947 (Source: SeattlePI)
Did you know that India's first digital computer was imported for ₹10 lakh all the way back in 1954?

Did you know?


Ledikeni, a Gulab Jamun-like Bengali sweet, was named after Lady Canning, the popular wife of Governor General Canning. It is apparently a slightly larger version of the Pantua.