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Notice outlining the history of the Barog Tunnel (Source: Wikipedia (Notice at Barog Tunnel Entrance))

Beautiful Barog is a village in Himachal Pradesh which lies at the midpoint between Shimla and Chandigarh. It is one of the stops on the Kalka-Shimla line, a World Heritage railway line. Its other claim to fame is that a nearby railway tunnel which is 1143m long is said to be the straightest tunnel in the world.

What connects the village of Barog to an engineer, is its name. The village was named after a British engineer who was responsible for the construction of a tunnel back in 1903. To expedite matters, he had decided to dig from both ends of the hill and expected to meet in the middle. However, this did not eventuate due to a miscalculation on his part. As a consequence of his mistake, the British government levied a fine of Re. 1 on Mr. Barog. This public humiliation was apparently too much for the engineer who shot himself dead while on a walk with his dog. He was buried near his tunnel which is around 3 km from the Barog railway station.

Mr. Barog's misaligned tunnel was abandoned and a second one was dug one kilometre away under the supervision of Chief Engineer H.S. Harrington.