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Flags similar to the Indian flag

The Indian Tricolour (Source: Wikipedia)

The Flag of Niger bears an eerie resemblance to the Indian flag. Both flags consist of three horizontal bands of colour - saffron/orange, white and green - and also incorporate a circular symbol in the centre. The only difference is that this symbol in the centre is the navy blue Ashoka Chakra for India and an orange roundel for Niger. While the Indian flag was adopted in its current form in 1947, the flag of Niger was adopted in 1959. Their similarity is considered a coincidence.

The flag of Ireland and Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) also utilise the same colours as the Indian Tricolour, albeit as vertical bands and sans any symbol in the centre. These two flags are laterally inverted versions of each other. The Irish flag was adopted in 1919 while Côte d'Ivoire adopted its flag in 1959.

Even though the colours used in each flag might appear similar, they are not identical and vary slightly in terms of precision.