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Ian Fleming's original sketch impression of James Bond. (Source: Wikipedia)
How did V.S. Naipaul inadvertently help the James Bond franchise become what it is today?
Krishna Arjuna Gita (Source: Wikipedia)
Who used the Gita to justify systematic genocide?
Cover of the novel, Monkey, by Arthur Waley (Source: Wikipedia)
Did you know that one of China's greatest epics is all about getting to India?
Jambu (Jamun) (Source: Wikipedia)
FYI, we all live on an island of jamuns.
Rama's coronation (Source: Wikipedia)
Were you aware that the Jataka Tales also covers the Ramayana?
Shere Khan (Source: Wordpress)
One of our national parks, primarily a tiger reserve, is named after a tiger-killer.

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The most insidious villain in Star Trek is an Indian named Khan whose full name is Khan Noonien Singh. He is a genetically engineered superhuman from the late 20th century.