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South Asian Time Zones (Source: Wikipedia (IST))
What is IST based on and when was it established?
Dunia Engine (Source: WIkipedia (Dunia Engine Logo))
What is the connection between 'Dunia' and James Cameron's Avatar?
Lanchester Car Sculpture (Source: Wikipedia (Lanchester))
Birmingham Small Arms has a unique connection with India and tenuously also connects the Murugappa group to the Tatas.
Adult Gentoo Penguins with two chicks (Source: Wikipedia (Gentoo Penguin family))
This odd link ties together a type of penguin, Portugal, a distribution of Linux, and Hindus in India!
Andrew Booth in 1947 (Source: SeattlePI)
Did you know that India's first digital computer was imported for ₹10 lakh all the way back in 1954?

Did you know?