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"Car of Juggernaut" (1851) (Source: The Illustrated London Reading Book)
Did you know that the word Juggernaut has its roots in Odisha?
The Colour Orange (Source: Serendip)
A Norange hypocrisy: Did you know that the fruit and the colour have their roots in our humble corner of the world?
The dickey of a 1955 Hudson Rambler (Source: Wikipedia)
What the hell is a 'dickey' anyway?

Did you know?


The word gymkhana is derived from the Hindi gend-khana (ball-house), but altered due to its association with and influence of the word, gymnasium.


The word stepney is still used to refer to a spare tyre only in our part of the world. Stepneys are named after a street of the same name in Llanelli, Wales where they were manufactured in the early 1900s.


The word clue is an alteration of clew which ultimately comes from Sanskrit's glauḥ meaning lump.